Parking space is very limited with most houses having only a single garage.

It is therefore imperative owners and residents park their car in their garage. We cannot tolerate cars taking up valuable parking spaces just because the garage is instead used for storage purposes.

A few houses have an additional car park or pad attached and limited short term visitor parking is available near the Friend Street entrance and adjacent to the the Village Green.

This visitor parking is part of the common property which is provided for the benefit of residents' guests. No overnight parking without express permission from the Committee. 

Kerbside parking is not allowed. It should be remembered that, for the most part, this is common property. The practical rule is to ensure that any vehicles, whether they belong to residents or their guests, are parked in a manner that does not block access or cause undue inconvenience to other residents or emergency vehicles.

Water outlets for emergency fire services are clearly marked with yellow paint and must not be obstructed at any time. If the emergency services are unable to gain access to Futuna, they will remove offending vehicles at full risk of the owner of the vehicle.

Similarly, parking adjacent to the intersections and roundabouts must be avoided at all times.

The Committee reserves the right to have offending vehicles towed away at the vehicle owner's expense.