Welcome to Futuna Residents Association


Our website provides access to up-to-date information about living in Futuna for owners, residents and any other interested parties.

We cover the nuts and bolts of living in Futuna and set out the rules that apply to everyone living in the complex.

The Futuna Residents Association (the Association) is an Incorporated Society whose membership is made up of the registered owners of the complex.

Generally speaking, the Association looks after the common property and protects the interests of all owners through the Building Control Committee. The common property (Lot 100) comprises of the bush reserve at the back of the property, the roads, and visitor carparks at the Village Green and Friend Street entrance.

The objectives of the Association, as set out in the Constitution, are, among other things:

  • to provide the means by which residents can use and enjoy the common property
  • to provide for the management and control of the use of the common property
  • to provide for the timely and proper operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the common property
  • to provide owners with such services, utilities and facilities as the Association deems necessary
  • to collect the annual levy, as discussed and agreed at the AGM of the Association

The administration of the Association is undertaken by the committee which is elected at the AGM. Contact the committee: committee@futuna.co.nz

The Futuna complex comprises 66 townhouses and the Chapel of Futuna, which is now owned by the Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust. For full details on the Chapel, go to: Friends of Futuna Charitable Trust Website