Building Control Committee

The Building Control Committee (BCC) is appointed by the Association and usually comprises at least three full committee members.

The committee may appoint others as advisors to the BCC, where these individuals have specific skills and experience, useful to the BCC in discharging its duties.

The purpose of the BCC is to consider all applications made to it by owners who wish to make structural changes, additions or alterations to their property, which work cannot commence without written approval from the BCC.

Please liaise with the BCC also before embarking on external maintenance.

The BCC maintains documentation for an agreed building standard which should be referred to before external maintenance proposals are drawn up. The BCC will check your proposal against these standards and may also be able to assist you by directing you to accredited suppliers and contractors who have worked within the complex.

You must submit your request for approval using the Application Form below, and email it to:


Building Control Application Form