Cedar Oil Staining

Cedar Oil Staining

The houses in Futuna feature band-sawn cedar weatherboards, which are finished with a Cabots Deck and Exterior Stain Oil Based.

The stain colour is 'Futuna Barley' and is only available from Guthrie Bowron, 286-288 Thorndon Quay, Wellington. Guthrie Bowron has developed the formula for the stain and is the only stockist. Supplies must be purchased from them. 

The Building Control Committee will periodically inspect all houses to ascertain the condition of the cedar weatherboards and stain and if considered necessary will issue recommendations to owners to have them re-stained.

The life of the Cabot’s stain used is limited to 3 years to 5 years.

Proper maintenance is essential to prevent fibre rotting, otherwise sanding of the weatherboards is required, resulting in a smoother finish not consistent with the other properties.

Correct surface preparation prior to commencing re-staining is crucial to success. 


1. The Product

 Cabots Deck and Exterior Stain Oil Based is a semi-transparent, penetrating, oil enriched wood stain.

 It reveals natural grain and colour, resists cracking, peeling and blistering and under normal conditions does not require sanding or priming.

 Two coats need to be applied, the second to be applied after 24 hours.

 The stain will be touch-dry in 2 hours.

2. Preparation

 Prior to commencing the staining process, proper surface preparation is crucial to get the desired result.

 All timber surfaces should be thoroughly clean, dry and free from wax, oil, grease and other contaminants. Wash with mineral turpentine if needed to remove wax and grease, allow to dry and lightly sand dressed surfaces with “00” paper or finer, always in direction of the grain.

Leave nail heads flush to avoid the use of putty.

Inspect weatherboards thoroughly to ensure no fibre rot has set in.

If you are in any doubt as to how to prepare the surfaces properly, consult a professional.

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